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Sexy woman with alluring forms Rebecca Rayann comes to leave and settle in the hotel. Entering the room, she decides to go to an adult site where you can order a girl online and saw Lux Kassidy decides to call and call her to his room. One's so boring to spend time in an empty room. Through time there is a knock on the door and on the verge of Rebecca meets a stunning sex appeal Lux Kassidy in a red dress. She finds more comfortable in the chair, Rebecca asks Lux Kassidy show all their charms that are hidden under that beautiful dress. I saw her sexy body, she takes out of your suitcase robe and asks him to put on, and then go with her to the bathroom where she will wash gentle touches Lux Kassidy. When it herself Rebecca was exposed only to their underwear. After taking bath Rebecca asks to wear underwear that she is like a bathrobe brought with her in a suitcase. Sitting side by side on the couch, Rebecca begins to sexual play with strawberries and cream.Smeared my nipple cream, Lux Kassidy taken him to lick and oh my god! As sexy as she does. But nothing on the nipple end. Rebecca decides to smear their juicy ripe peach and cream, so Lux Kassidy glared at him with her plump and tender lips and gave her pleasure ordered it. Uncovered himself completely Rebecca decides to not only have fun, but to give it. In the suitcase turns out to be another lie by clothing and little friend Rebecca, which she puts in a juicy hole Lux Kassidy. But wait, what we see, it turns out my friend was not alone, and their two whole. By taking position 69 two sexy women are buried in the bliss of pleasures that give each other. Rebecca so diligently licking pussy Lux Kassidy, that poor girl just simply fell asleep after such a pastime. After that Rebecca watching Lux Kassidy sleeps left her the money and left, leaving her to dream.
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