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Any blog about horny pornstars would be suspect if it didn't mention pornstar Aletta Ocean in one of its earliest posts. Aletta is the horny Hungarian model pictured below. Besides her notoriety for craving sex and loving the cock, Aletta is also well-known in the world of hardcore porn for such things as having huge tits and a tight pussy, and really enjoying anal sex. For evidence of the latter, we refer readers to these Aletta Ocean movies.

The current HD video from Brazzers follows the sexy adventures of Dr. Aletta Ocean in her medical practice. Today, Aletta is caring for a paraplegic patient of hers. The male patient mysteriously develops an erection during Aletta's physical exam - something his severed spinal cord should have rendered impossible. It becomes clear that he was faking his injury in order to reap the benefit of having this busty pornstar doctor taking care of him every day. Aletta is pissed off, but also horny enough at the sight of his erection to suck his cock and let him fuck her tight pussy and ass before kicking him out of her office.

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